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Welcome to Matrix SDT

Matrix is a leading local provider of specialist professional advocacy services across Surrey, Berkshire and the South of England.

We're passionate about ensuring the people who use our services have their voices heard in the decisions that affect them.

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What is advocacy?

Advocacy is about placing the client (patient) at the heart of the decision making process regarding their health and best interests. Advocacy ensures that clients are aware of their rights, and that those rights are met by the people making decisions about them.

Our advocates offer independent support so that their clients' voices are heard. We can help clients to become more independent and make the services they access work better for them.

Advocacy is a legal right in certain circumstances, such as being ‘sectioned’ (detained) in hospital or if clients need support during assessments by social services.

We provide a range of advocacy services including Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA), Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA), Relevant Person's Representative (Paid RPR), Care Act Advocacy, health advocacy in prisons and mental health advocacy in private hospitals. We also accept private commissions.


Contact us

Matrix SDT provides a range of mental health, drugs & alcohol and social care advocacy throughout Surrey, Berkshire and the south east of England.

We offer instructed and non-instructed advocacy models and services, and can act as Litigation Friend.

Surrey referrals call: 0300 199 0301

Slough referrals call: 01753 415299

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