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Empower Slough

Empower Slough

The Empower Slough project is an issue-based Advocacy service with a community focus , working in partnership with individuals to promote their rights and supporting their views to be heard.


Empower Slough is also committed to the ethos of growing stronger communities and resilience, promoting self-development, to improve the health and wellbeing of residents.


Empower Slough will also be offering clinic based, peer and group Advocacy opportunities.

if you feel your community group or organisation would benefit from having Empower Slough attend your meetings/events or would like further information regarding working in Partnership please email

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National Co production event - Slough
Community Hub for rough sleepers
Community Hub for rough sleepers
Slough Community Forum
Cippenham Carers
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Neurodiversity Passport

Berkshire Healthcares vision  is for everyone to recognise, understand and celebrate neurodiversity, and for all neurodivergent people working in, or using their services to be empowered and enabled to have equal services, support and fulfilling lives. 

Therefore they have created a Neurodiversity Passport which has been developed in collaboration with people with lived experience, is recommended for anyone who is diagnosed or self-identifies as neurodivergent. While there are other forms of neurodivergence, the passport currently includes Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dyspraxia.

You can complete the Passport online to print out and bring it with you to your next appointment and hand it to your clinician to be added to your patient records so any of our staff who work with you will be able to see it.

The passport is available on their website ( link below) for patients to complete themselves, or you can ask a member of our staff to complete it with you when you have your next appointment.

Local Housing Surgeries 

                          Fit Note Reform: 

The Government are reforming fit notes to help people get the right work and health support when they need it, as well as helping free up time for GPs.


Share your views on their plans by taking part in a call for evidence, which is also available in British Sign Language, braille, audio, large print and easy read versions.

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