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As a general rule, if you are subject to the powers of the Mental Health Act 1983 (amended), then you have a legal right to access the IMHA service funded by your Local Authority (please see our Qualifying Patients section).

An IMHA is commissioned to work with people who have issues connected to - or directly arising from - the fact that they are subject to the powers of the Act. Normally this means they are an in-patient and are detained under the Act (sectioned).

We offer support in:

  • Explaining your rights under the Act

  • Support and/or preparation for meetings e.g. Ward Rounds, Care Programme

  • Approach (CPA), Tribunals, Managers Appeals, etc

  • Referral to specialist organisations e.g. MH solicitors

  • Speaking to professionals with you, or on your behalf

  • Helping to make complaints

  • Information about services

  • Accessing medical records


The IMHA works to a professional model of advocacy (specific to a particular issue, and not providing ongoing support) and an instructional model (we work to the client’s instructions and never make decisions on their behalf).

There are some areas where the IMHA cannot be involved beyond a cursory level, such as benefits, housing, legal matters (not Mental Health Act), etc. In these cases you should see a generic advocate. Contact us for details.

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