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Adapting our services to Covid-19

Due to the current public health crisis owing to the novel Coronavirus and Covid-19, we find ourselves living through extraordinary times.

Matrix has always prided itself on being a flexible and adaptable service provider; never losing sight of the fact that we are here to work in partnership with, and safeguard the rights of people who face certain challenges in their lives, ensuring that their voice is heard in their day to day lives.

We now find ourselves in the position where a visit to our clients in care homes, their own homes, public spaces, acute hospital, mental health hospitals, etc. could inadvertently spread the virus amongst our team, our families or across the various sites we visit, and that has the potential for serious consequences, especially to those in the Government’s identified ‘vulnerable groups’.

However, Matrix provides statutory services and our advocates may offer the only independent safeguard of our clients’ rights – quite rightly recognised by central Government as a designated ‘Keyworker’ role.

We have developed dynamic strategies in order to respond quickly to the various developments and Government advice. Accordingly, with great reluctance we have made the difficult decision to transition to a home-working model across virtually all of our services.

If you or a client need support from an advocate, please continue to contact us and we will do our utmost to support you and find ways that work for you.

For more details on how we have adapted our services and how to access our advocates, please visit the page 'Accessing our advocates during COVID-19.'

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